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Plastic Processing Machine

Plastic Processing Machinery

is one of the leading heavy fabrication and machinery job specialist in Ahmedabad and serving various types of engineering companies from more than 40 years. Our prime motto is customer satisfaction and our dream to have number of customers providing better workmanship, quality of product and after sales services. The company has a good dedicated team of professional engineers and staff in growth of success. However, Its Margo’s customers, who have also greatest, share in the success.

In pastis an OEM supplier for Plastic Processing Machine Manufacturers. Now,has expanded production activities and independently started manufacturing Plastic Processing Machinery. The equipments what we have supplied are working up to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Looking For A Good Plastic Processing Machine, Margo Will The Best Choice For The HDPE - PVC Pipe Plant | Single / Twin Screw Extruder for PVC Pipe Plant | Single Screw Extruder for HDPE Pipe Plant | Die Head and Tooling for PVC / HDPE Pipes | Extruder with Down Stream – PVC/HDPE Pipe and Line At Lower Price !

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