Quality Policy
Margo Industries will provide world class quality materials, products and services that meet or exceed our customers' requirements.

In Margo's Quality Manual and its implementing procedures, Margo addresses quality objectives, management's commitment to achieving these objectives, organizational goals, and the expectations and needs of Margo's customers. Improvements to the Quality System are made to enhance the achievement of Margo's strategic objectives. Margo implements periodic reviews of the Quality System to determine the system's effectiveness and suitability. Results of these reviews are maintained as Quality Records.

Margo's Quality Objectives

The following quality objectives have been formulated by the Margo's management:
  • Provide quality products and services by striving to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Develop a quality system based on various standards to foster continuous improvement and problem prevention instead of problem detection.
  • Define and implement our quality system based upon employee involvement and commitment to excellence.
  • Give all employees the training and support needed to provide quality products and services to all customers.
  • Communicate our mission and quality objectives to all employees, and assign individual responsibilities and accountability.
  • Use statistical methods when appropriate to monitor quality performance and isolate major problems for immediate solution.
  • Establish and maintain a working environment that supports the production and delivery of high quality products and services.
  • Form relationships with both customers and suppliers that will improve quality in all aspects of product usage and purchased parts.
  • Develop and maintain a team approach that emphasizes enhancing of the competitiveness of the company through increased quality and productivity.
  • Provide an atmosphere that encourages each employee to achieve his or her full potential and establish pride in workmanship.